The Aboriginal owned area known as Yuelamu, was formerly a pastrol lease called Mount Allan Station that was the subject of a successful Aboriginal land claim in 1985. The Aboriginals who now reside at Yuelamu are a group decended from different patrilineal groups. Many community members have relatives at nearby Yuendumu which is Warlpiri (to the west) and Laramba, Ti Tree which is Anmatyerre in the East. Papunya is Pinlupi and Luritji language group in the south as well as Alice Springs.


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Artists of the Western Desert



Kitty Pultara Cockatoo

Witchetty Grub

Witchetty Grub hunting



Rita Nungala

Barbara Napaltjarri Charles

Long Jack Tjackamarra Phillipus




Anee Cook & Glenda Briscoe

Jack Jangala Cook

Jack Jangala Cook

Michael Tjapangati Tommy

Brenda Nungurrayi Lynch

Isobel Nungarrayi Hagan

Paddy Tjungarryi Carroll

Evelyn Nampijinpa Morton

Rosie Patterson

Maureen Namppijinpa Turner

Glenda Briscoe

Suzie Stafford

Veronica Stafford

Veronica Stafford

Leslie Jampijinpa Daniels

Leslie Jampijinpa Daniels & Emily Napaljarri Andy

Emily Napaljarri Andy

Isobel Nungarrayi Hagan

Kathy Napangardi Baggot




Michael Ross & Daughter

Cassidy Tjapaltjarri Possum & Anne Nungarrayi Cook

Cassidy Tjapaltjarri Possum

Cassidy Tjapaltjarri Possum

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